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The Archaeologist

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The Archaeologist Rosana Mayo
Rosana Mayo Author
Rosana's Story

      Raised in Texas and New York, Rosana developed her love for Mexican music by learning Spanish on her own while listening to her favorite Ranchero singers and conversing with Hispanic friends.  At her first professional Ranchero singing  performance, the audience was screaming with laughter and delight.  

      “Borracha! Borracha!,” (translated to “She’s drunk! She’s drunk!”) they screamed, because she did not pronounce the words correctly; slurring and missing the beat. Rosana knew what they were yelling, but her manager, who did not speak any Spanish, was over-joyed thinking the crowd was screaming for more. Rosana was too embarrassed to let him know the truth.

      But then she surprised even herself with hit song after hit song. Evidently, the people loved her bazaar singing.

      Rosana toured the regions of Mexico, oblivious and naive to the dangers  lurking in a foreign country, narrowly and miraculously escaping death at every corner. She was almost thrown off the roof of the Metropole Hotel in Mexico City by the Mexican Mafia, after hitting The Godfather in the groin with her purse for an inappropriate hand grope.  At the time, she was unaware of who they were. She was beautiful, maybe that’s what saved her. But then, it would be more reasonable to say,  God intervened on her behalf. She was in the hands of gangsters that had all the beautiful women they wanted.  Another time,  she was on tour when she took a ride to one of her concert performances with a famous song writer and his family. only to discover, after a thrilling ride high into the Sierra Madre that he didn’t know how to drive. Luckily, Rosana did, and got them safely down the mountains. She tells of the time she had only to walk two blocks to her performance at the Alameda Hotel when a guy broke a bottle on the curb and chased her and her mother, intent on robbing and to slice and dice. She and her mother ran back to a pizza parlor and called for help. The stories go on and on of escape,. From bandits in the mountains on her way from Acapulco, to the time  a blind beggar in Uruapan approached her.  While she was getting pesos from her purse for the beggar, he pulled a machete from beneath his serape. Lucky for Rosana, the blind beggar saw the cop coming and ran.  Her singing career was a constant brush with  danger which became the motive and inspiration to write not only her memoirs, but short stories and exciting action novels of  Mystery, Adventure, Romance and Psychological Thrillers.

      Go to her blog and read one of her short stories for free!

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After reading the first chapter, I had to read the rest of the book! I give it 5 stars!


Austin, Texas

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